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Intercessory Prayer

Frequent conversation with a friend is critical to maintain that friendship. Likewise, frequent prayer is critical to maintain the relationship we have with God.  Intercessory prayer is held the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the main sanctuary of the RF Ennis & Eustace campuses. Everyone is invited to attend to pray on behalf of the church, our loved ones, our coworkers, our friends and more.   



In today's world, there are people everywhere who have needs and have not heard the Good News of Christ.  RF seeks to reach the lost locally and globally.  Locally, we provide food and clothing at our Food & Clothing Bank located at 2601 N. Kaufman St., Ennis, TX 75119. Globally, we have missionaries and churches in areas including Cuba, Honduras, Africa, Indonesia and more. Click here for a full review of all local & global partnerships we support.    


Praise & Worship

We are to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and the Praise & Worship team handles any outward demonstration of praise & worship through song, dance, audio/visual, etc.  Our music is a blend of young and old, traditional and contemporary, and crosses all race and music preferences. Ultimately, if it glorifies Jesus, we wish to do it.


Kids World (Children under 12)

Children are the future of the church and the attack from the enemy feels strongest with them.  Children's Ministry ("Kid's World" and Kid's Power) seeks to provide services that are entertaining and informative for children age 4-12.  The program is designed for the children of this millennium; it's ever-changing, constantly moving, and will keep children excited about learning God's word. They meet at the RF Ennis campus on Sundays at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm and at the RF Eustace campus on Sundays at 10am.


Nursery (Children under 4)

There is nothing more precious than a young child. We love to spend time with your family and we want you to feel safe and secure as you receive the Word of the Lord during services at Refiner's Fire. We offer Nursery for kids under 4 for all services on Sundays and Wednesdays beginning before service starts.


Resistance Youth (ages 12-18)

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God uses teens all throughout the Bible and we believe He is doing the same with today's teens.  Resistance Youth seeks to guide teens toward God and help them resist the ways of this world (James 4:7) so that they can walk in His plan for their lives.  They meet at the RF Ennis & Eustace campuses on Wednesdays at 7pm and have various outside activities throughout the year.  Check the "When" page for event-specific details.

Refiner's Fire Youth Camp 2018

Refiner's Fire Ennis Youth performs "Death by Distraction" 2017

Refiner's Fire Youth Honduras Missions 2017

Refiner's Fire Youth Camp 2017

Refiner's Fire Ennis Youth performs "Dream" 2017


Ladies Ministry

The Ladies Ministry seeks to build discipleship of the women at RF including enabling women to develop a love for God, to mature in Jesus and to be equipped to reach others for Christ.  They meet the second Thursday of every month at 7pm at the RF Ennis campus. Check the "When" page for event-specific details.


Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry seeks to build discipleship of the men at RF including enabling men to develop a love for God, to mature in Jesus and to be equipped to reach others for Christ.  They meet periodically throughout the year.  Check the "When" page for event-specific details.


Outreach & Jail Ministry

Bringing Christ to those outside the church is the mission of the Outreach & Jail Ministry Team.  Members of this team go to local jail facilities as well as local shelters, community events, etc. to reach lost people for the Kingdom. Click here for a full list of outreach activities we support.


New Member Classes

Once a person commits their life to Christ, it is time to start "doing" in the kingdom and the New Members Class helps connect new members of the church to the ministry that best fits their call so they can reach other people for Christ. Classes are held periodically throughout the year.  You can signup for the next class at RFMI.org/Events or check the "When" page for event-specific details.


Ushers & Hospitality

Ushers are the face of RF. Ushers are normally the first and last people that you will see when arriving and leaving our premises. Ushers greet, guide and oversee all the moving parts of any given event.



Freedom Class

Tired of fighting the same old battles over and over again?

Become confident in who you are in Christ. Realize what Christ accomplished by his death and resurrection for you.  Learn what tactics and strategies the devil uses.  Determine what doors have been opened to the kingdom of darkness by the lack of understanding.  And finally, break free of those curses and strongholds through prayer and deliverance for you and your legacy to come.



"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." Galatians 5:1 (KJV)


You can signup for the next class at RFMI.org/Events or check the "When" page for event-specific details.

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