Pastor Cord & Donna Blankenship, Senior Pastors


Founder and Senior Pastor of Refiner's Fire Ministries, International, Pastor Cord Blankenship and his wife Donna founded RF in 2001.

Pastor Cord spent his youth and young adult years chasing the dream of cars, money and worldly prosperity, but at the age of 27 he cried out to God and Jesus Christ changed his life and put him on a path that he could have never imagined for himself.  Working multiple jobs, Pastor Cord began evangelizing anyone nearby telling them of what Jesus had done for him and what Jesus could do for them. After working under the leadership of other senior pastors, in 2001 Pastor Cord and Donna began Refiner's Fire Ministries in Ennis, TX to further the kingdom of God. 

Pastor Cord sows into the lives of those at RF and into other communities locally and globally. He has a passion to see Christians become leaders in their lives with their families, friends and coworkers. Pastor Cord strives to see all generations know the love of Christ from newborn to teens to senior status. 

Pastor Cord and Donna have been married since 1981 and they have two daughters, Christy & Katy and three grandchildren; Anabel, Allee & Esther.

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Matt & Tiffany Mosley, Worship Ministers

Ennis Campus

Worship Ministers for Refiner's Fire Ministries, International, Matt and Tiffany Mosley have been with RF since 2003.

Tiffany grew up in a Church of Christ home while Matt spent his youth as a traditional Southern Baptist. During her time at Southern Methodist University in Texas, Tiffany and Matt met and were then married in 2003. Since their marriage, Matt and Tiffany have served together in ministry in several capacities through youth ministry and praise team and in 2011 they were moved to leadership as the Worship Ministers for RF. 

Tiffany and Matt work to integrate many different styles of music and performances to ensure a full range worship experience during each service. Tiffany strives to combine the various music styles and performances with a diverse team of talented individuals to guide everyone to look to the one and only Creator.

Matt and Tiffany have one daughter, Melody.

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Pastor Mark & Ginger Richardson, Care Pastors

Ennis Campus

Care Pastors for Refiner's Fire Ministries, International, Pastor Mark and Ginger Richardson have been with RF since it was founded in 2001.

Pastor Mark and Ginger minister to the body of RF through hospital visits, biblical wisdom, water baptisms and words of encouragement to those in need within the church. Ginger serves in a double capacity as a member and a support leader for the RF Praise Team. Pastor Mark and Ginger meet with engaged and married couples to help them build their marital foundations on Christ to make their families stronger and the church body stronger. They believe that strong families mean strong church.

Pastor Mark and Ginger have been married since 1984 and they have one son, Jacob and his wife Melissa, one daughter, Rebekah and her husband Steve, and four grandchildren.

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Pastor Marshall & Tammy Andrews, Children's Pastors

Ennis Campus

Children's Pastors for Refiner's Fire Ministries, International, Pastor Marshall and Tammy Andrews have been with RF since it was founded in 2001.

Pastor Marshall and Tammy love little kids and love seeing their lives changed through Christ.  Pastor Marshall brings the excitement with his unique costumes and booming personality while Tammy anchors it all down with structure and organization.  Together, they make for a powerful team that can get kids excited about Jesus all while learning Biblical truths each and every service.  They also oversee our Nursery Team as well as our monthly Bible Study for all adults. 

Pastor Marshall and Tammy have been married since 1977 and they have three children, Michelle, Shawn & Deborah and two grandchildren, Malachi & Josiah.

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Pastor Paul & Shelley Nekuza, Outreach Pastors

Ennis Campus

Outreach Pastors for Refiner's Fire Ministries, International, Pastor Paul & Shelley Nekuza have been with RF since it was founded in 2001.

Pastor Paul is a fourth generation Ennisite and has lived in this community his whole life. He spent his childhood and young adult years as a member of the local Catholic church, but prayers from his grandmother-in-law led Pastor Paul to surrender his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 30.

Pastor Paul participates in and oversees activities in Jail Ministry, City Outreach, Clown Ministry, local food & clothing banks, homeless shelters in Dallas and Men's Ministry to connect people to Christ outside the church walls. Shelley has put her past experience as a caterer and event coordinator to use in God's kingdom by coordinating food and event planning for RF events including New Member Luncheons, annual meetings, and more.  

Pastor Paul and Shelley have been married since 1992 and they have 2 children, Rylee & Caleb.

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Pastor Chris Jackson, Hospitality Pastor

Ennis Campus

Hospitality Pastor for Refiner's Fire Ministries, International, Pastor Chris Jackson has been with RF since it was founded in 2001.

Pastor Chris met Pastor Cord Blankenship as a young adult when neither of them were considered "pastors" yet while they worked at a local factory. Their friendship continued to grow and in 1995, Pastor Chris rededicated his life to Jesus Christ and started his new journey in the ministry. A few years later, Pastor Chris started his own business and through that, he has experienced the freedom to minister to other people who cross his path.

Pastor Chris and his team truly have the hearts of servants as they ensure you have a positive experience from the parking lot to the pulpit. Pastor Chris oversees a vast army of volunteers through the Usher team, Parking attendants, and Coffee Connection while also ensuring that the needs of Pastor Cord and Donna Blankenship are met each week. 

Pastor Chris has 2 children, Christopher and Joseph.

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Pastor Nathan & Amanda Grant, Youth Pastors

Ennis Campus

Youth Pastors for Refiner's Fire Ministries, International, Pastor Nathan and Amanda Grant have been with RF since 2006.

Pastor Nathan grew up going to church with relatives in various churches in the area. Having heard the Word, but not applying the Word, Pastor Nathan spent all of his youth actively defying God. It wasn't until after he married Amanda and the birth of his first child that he started to truly pursue God and at the age of 22, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Pastor Nathan received his call and purpose to be a Youth Pastor in 2009 while working with the RF youth group at a summer camp and in 2011, Pastor Nathan and Amanda became Youth Pastors for RF. 

Pastor Nathan and Amanda seek to show the love of Christ to every teenager through weekly services, annual events, and being available to them in their personal lives. They believe that serving the local church is important so every youth event is operated by teenagers in every area from the music team to the audio/visual team to the ushers and to the cleanup teams. Pastor Nathan and Amanda seek to help teenagers be empowered by the Holy Spirit in their daily walk at school, at home or in their community.

Pastor Nathan and Amanda have been married since 2000 and they have two children, Tabitha and Evan.

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