2019 Summary Annual Report

We've had a mighty year at Refiner's Fire and we wanted to take a moment to share how your prayers, your giving, and your dedication to serving with excellence has had an impact locally and globally in 2019. Give yourselves a pat on the back because YOU helped make this happen!

Global Missions

With the donations of Refiner's Fire and other ministry partners, Glaze Ministries fed over 12,000 people in Honduras, built a new church in a village where there was no church at all (and the church is already at capacity) and saw hundreds saved, healed and delivered across 38 cities. At last count, roughly 64% of Honduras is now saved!


Refiner's Fire continued their support of Mission of Hope Haiti helping give children hope.


Independent Assemblies Fellowship visited works happening in Brazil, Columbia, India, Kenya, Malawi, Philippines, Portugal & Zimbabwe. Our giving, as well as others from the Independent Assemblies, helped support…

  • 19 missionaries
  • Built churches in Ghana, India, Philippines & Paraguay
  • Bibles were provided in Iran and Pakistan
  • Evangelistic outreaches Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Ghana & Muslim areas of the Philippines
  • Relief supplies to Mexico, Jamaica, India & Israel


Refiner's Fire supplied amounts to train Pastors at schools in Zimbabwe headed up by Pastor Robert Johnson.


We were able to provide support to David & Shonda Tompkins of PMI Ministries on their trips to Kenya and Guatamala.


Refiner's Fire partnered with Godbey Ministries in building their first building on the new campus in Malawi, Africa.


Danny Jaynes at Globelink Foundation has started the school walls in Jafaro, Africa and the local children & parents have been helping with the progress. They've also made more progress on the Girls Vocational School.  Refiner's Fire also helped finish out bunk beds this year.


Refiner's Fire continued their support of Israel for One in 2019.


Refiner's Fire also provided funds to the 3 RF Cuba churches this year to help make much needed repairs as well as provide annual financial support.


Members of RF Youth traveled to Honduras to help feed those in need and bring the Gospel to their lives in July.

Local Missions/Outreach

Refiner's Fire Food & Clothing Outreach in Ennis

  • Ministered to 1,260 local families
  • Provided food for 1,083 local families
  • Saw 3 first time salvations
  • Experienced 41 healings
  • Experienced 5 deliverances
  • Experienced 2 filled with the Holy Ghost


Refiner's Fire Outreach at Austin St. Shelter

  • Served food to 4,511 homeless in the DFW area


Refiner's Fire Outreach at House of Refuge

  • They make visits twice a month with an average of 10 ladies each time. During their meetings this year, they saw 1 first time salvation, 3 rededications and 1 filled with the Holy Spirit.


Refiner's Fire continued supporting Refuge of Light, an organization in East Texas that provides a safe, rehabilitative environment for minor girls who have been victims of sex trafficking.


Clown team performed at Blues on Main Street this past summer and saw 15 children receive Jesus as their savior for the first time!


Refiner's Fire continued regular support to FirstLook Clinic who provides pro-life alternatives and assistance to pregnant women and teens in Waxahachie and surrounding areas.


Refiner's Fire also made financial donations to Wounded Warrior Project, a national organization devoted to helping injured military veterans and their families.


Refiner's Fire serving in the public

  • Participated in annual Ennis Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Participated in annual Ennis Veteran's Day Ceremony
  • Served free meals to Ennis High School varsity football players and staff
  • Provided monthly host facility for Ellis County Detachment #1452 of the Marine Corps League
  • Participated in city-wide revival ministering to all ages, races and denominations
  • Handed out goodie bags and care packages to all local fire, police, EMT & city officials.
  • Handed out over 400 sack lunches to people working on a Saturday in the community.
  • Outreach team ministered at Give a Kid a Chance through face painting and witnessing.
  • Served free Gatorade to band and others at Eustace High School Varsity games.
  • Participated in Vietnam Memorial Ceremony



Refiner's Fire Kids World

  • Refiner's Fire Kids World (ages 5-11) in Ennis performed during adult service at various times throughout the year to show us what they've learned in 2019.
  • Refiner's Fire Eustace also launched their Kids World (ages 5-11) offering in March to teach kids 4-12 about God.
  • Refiner's Fire Kids World in Ennis launched their first ever One-Day Kids Camp with the theme "Team Jesus" where kids from around the community, ages 5-11, received the Gospel through song, games, activities and more!
  • Refiner's Fire Ennis hosted their annual Shark Sunday in July where kids enjoyed water slides, sno-cones and other water fun throughout service.
  • Refiner's Fire Eustace hosted their first ever Beach Week in August where families were able to bring their kids to hear the Gospel and have some water fun during service.


Refiner's Fire Youth

  • Refiner's Fire Ennis youth leaders continued their work at FROG (Fully Rely on God) at Ennis Junior High sharing the Gospel of Christ to an average of 100+ students each week.
  • Eustace campus held their annual Baked Potato Fundraiser where they served loaded baked potatoes to help raise money for events in 2019.
  • Refiner's Fire Ennis started a regular gathering called Houses of Love where teens met, ate food and talked about various Biblical topics as a group.
  • Refiner's Fire Ennis also completed RF Intern Class in February where high school juniors and seniors learned how to use finances Biblically as well as learn how to apply their skills and talents to serving beyond youth ministry. Each attendee also completed New Members class and became official RF members in March.
  • Refiner's Fire Eustace hosted their 2nd Annual East Texas Winter Jam in February where students from both RF campuses and teens from several denominations and churches attended a free Christian rap concert that was one for the record books!
  • Refiner's Fire Ennis hosted their 8th Annual BBQ Fundraiser to help send kids to Refiner's Fire Youth Camp in 2019.
  • Refiner's Fire Ennis Youth Drama Team performed for both campuses in the spring.
  • Both campuses celebrated their high school graduates and their families during service in May.
  • Refiner's Fire Ennis Youth cancelled service in May to go to Ennis Veteran's Memorial Park to clean and beautify the park before Memorial Day where countless tourists come through to see the park and pay honor to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Youth from both campuses met together each week in June to build teams and prepare for RF Youth Camp 2019.
  • RF Youth Camp 2019 was held at the end of June where they saw lots of fun and 1 first time salvation, 3 filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time, 8 rededicated to the Lord, 6 refilled with the Holy Spirit and 9 who received their calling/purpose during the weekend.
  • RF Youth from both campuses attended a pool party at Pastor Cord's house in July where 5 teens were also water baptized.
  • RF Youth in Ennis hosted a Back to School night where newly eligible students were welcomed into Youth for the first time and all students of all ages were able to get free sno-cones in commemorative RF cups.
  • RF Youth from all campuses joined other teens across the nation for See You at the Pole where students gathered at their school's flagpole to pray for their friends, family and community.
  • RF Youth from both campuses attended their second annual Murder Mystery Dinner Night where kids had to learn who the villain was and how it happened. It was a great night of fun and fellowship.
  • RF Youth from both campuses also attended Hell House this year where they were engulfed in the ways the enemy tries to isolate us, but found the good news in what Christ as done for us all. Many students said it was "an intense night of truth."
  • RF Youth from both campuses hosted a community Youth Worship Night with the band Kingdom, where teens from other local churches were able to worship together and receive spiritual and practical response to battling depression.
  • RF Youth from both campuses attended their annual Youth Thanksgiving Dinner where over 40 people sat around one table, passed food to each other and laughed all night (due to our no-tech at the dinner table rule…lol)

Outcomes from Church

Both campuses completed 21-Day Fast in January to draw closer together and together as a body for the new year.


Eustace campus saw 23 people come down to the altar to begin their year with God in January.


Ennis campus saw over 100 people receive the Lord throughout altar calls and other church services this year.


Monthly Prayer Night is hosted every month at both campuses and we're seeing 50-80 people engage with God through prayer.


Both campuses held Jersey Day in February where everyone had a great time in the Lord during service.


Both campuses also participated in a 40-Day Prayer event leading up to Resurrection Sunday to get the Body in Unity before Resurrection Sunday.


Both campuses also presented "The Door" for Resurrection Sunday where many heard the message of the Cross in a new and dynamic way.


Refiner's Fire Ennis launched a Wednesday-only series going through the entire book of Romans that started in May and lasted until October.


Refiner's Fire Ennis hosted Women's Wednesdays again in July where female leaders and influencers brought the Word to the whole congregation.


The Refiner's Fire Outreach Team hosted their first ever Women's Self Defense class in July where 12 women from around the community were able to attend a free class to learn basic self-defense methods in the event of an emergency.


Refiner's Fire Ennis hosted their annual Shark Sunday in July where adults were able to hear a special message from Pastor Cord related to sharks and the Gospel while the kids enjoyed water slides, sno-cones and other water fun throughout service.


Refiner's Fire Eustace hosted their first ever Beach Week in August where families were able to hear the Gospel and have some water fun during service.


Fire Groups, a new way to connect on Sunday nights, launched this year with a session for Bible Study and a session for Q&A and both groups have started well. Through their groups, they were able to see 2 people filled with the Holy Spirit during their sessions.


Refiner's Fire Ennis hosted their first ever Classic Car Show in September where 44 nice rides from the community were on display and several top prizes were awarded to some great vehicles. We even saw one person accept Jesus into their heart!


Refiner's Fire Ennis also hosted a special Spanish-Only service in September with special guest Pastor Alex Napoles Medina from the RF Cuba churches bringing a special word for that night. And then, Pastor Alex stayed over for an English service at Refiner's Fire Ennis.


Refiner's Fire Eustace participated in their community Trunk or Treat event again this year in October where thousands of people from the area were able to get candy, but also hear the Gospel of Jesus through our team. (As a bonus, the RF Youth group won for their Jurassic Park themed car!!)


Refiner's Fire Ennis hosted Storybook Character Night in October where characters from Paw Patrol, Frozen, Marvel's Avengers, Toy Story, the Little Mermaid, Snow White and more were onsite to lead over 400 people through the RF Ennis Kids World area for games, candy, face painting and the Gospel.


Refiner's Fire Eustace attended a Community Thanksgiving Service in November where our very own Pastor Jeremy was able to provide the Word for the service.


Refiner's Fire Ennis hosted the Community Thanksgiving Service that same night in Ennis where people and leaders from the community attended for a great message on the love of Christ and experienced worship led by the RF Praise Team.


Refiner's Fire at both campuses celebrated Christmas outreach in December with various prize giveaways and specials.


Refiner's Fire Eustace hosted a special Christmas play in December along with First Assembly of God in Eustace.


Ladies Fellowship

  • Launched their first meeting of the year in January getting to know one another for a brand new year.
  • They held their annual Sack Lunch Outreach in March giving away over 400 sandwiches to employees and businesses in the community who work on Saturdays.
  • They held their bi-Annual Moms & Daughters night with great success in May.
  • Ladies Fellowship also hosted their annual Summer Blast Party at Sister Donna's house which was great fun and relaxation for all.
  • Ladies Fellowship from both campuses also went to Molly's Catfish Corner in September were they had great food, message and fun fellowship.
  • They also held their annual Ladies Fellowship Retreat in Waxahachie where they had the chance to get away, hear from God and get refreshed.


Men's Fellowship

  • Held Beast Feast with 72 men enjoying food, fellowship and the Word.
  • Men of all ages attended the annual Men's Fishing Trip where limits were met and friendships were made.
  • Men from both campuses attended the Men's Annual Outdoor Bash where 73 men from around the area enjoyed tons of food, prize giveaways, pistol range, 3D archery targets and more.


Overall results of services in 2019

  • First time salvations – 126
  • Filled with Holy Ghost – 26
  • Rededications to the Lord – 34 
  • Healings – 41
  • Water Baptisms – 29
  • Refiner's Fire New Members – 24
  • Baby Dedications – 12
  • Feeding – 1,083 local families & 4,511 homeless
  • Assistance – 1,260 local families



Thank you for your faithfulness in 2019. Your prayers, your support and your giving help us all to achieve the vision of this church; to Reach Up to Christ and allow Him to Reach In to us, rearrange us and that will compel us to Reach Out to others for the Kingdom of God.



In His Service,


Pastor Cord & Sister Donna Blankenship

1 John 4:4

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